Module 4: “Practical Guide to completing Intergenerational Activity during a Workshop”

Setting up an intergenerational activity may seem like an easy task. But sometimes, adult educators might need some tools that best respond to the specificity of their audiences.

This learning represents a practical guide that will help the adult educators to better prepare and implement intergenerational activity and equip them with concrete examples of activities that could be done with their audience and the tools that help them to measure the impact of those activities.

The learning unit is mainly composed from the different sections:

  • Definitions of main concepts (Intergenerational activity, workshop, intergenerational solidarity)
  • Elements for a successful intergenerational activity (preparation process, methodological principals, benefits for target groups, tips and recommendations for a better implementation)
  • Concrete examples of intergenerational activities
  • Measurement of impact: identifying indicators and evaluation tools

The particular feature of this guide is that it allows each adult educator to draw inspiration from the proposed content in order to enrich their professional practice or to use it as a step-by-step guide to create new intergenerational activities taking into consideration all the steps and tips proposed in this learning unit.  

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