Project Description

The Flourish Centers project encourages community collaboration through culture. The cultural element acts as a bridge between communities and a strength for intergenerational learning. The activities of this project will take on a mixed format and encourage youth ages 18-30 to work collaboratively with disadvantaged older adults over 65 years old to establish and record the process of creating a cultural heritage product. This will promote an environment of knowledge and skill exchange, active cultural participation active cultural participation, and digital capacity building in a framework of cooperation and meaningful learning, which is the foundation for a less divided and exclusionary society.


The impact of the project on the target groups will be significant. Adults will gain more digital skills, awareness of their active participation in the society and will form strong cultural links to improve social inclusion. Young people who will participate in the project, through mutual learning with different generations will develop different digital skills and will be more aware of their cultural heritage. Adult educators will have the opportunity to create a network to include and promote the social inclusion of older adults through active participation.

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