Module 5: Intergenerational Communication & Equity

“Today’s social problems are the problems of generations”, political scientist Jonathan White very well observed. Indeed, each generation is a unique cultural carrier, which reflects and is being reflected by the social, economic, environmental, and other factors of its time. The differing cultivation reality of each generation has resulted in a generation or cultural gap between the “young” and the “old”, a gap that conveys misconceptions and inequitable treatment towards the elderly and the youth respectively.

The objectives of this learning unit are first to understand the term Intergenerational equity and its various applications by providing concrete examples, to address the preconceptions about the elderly and their needs as well as preconceptions that young adults struggle to battle, and at last, to offer an introduction on how exploitation technology can facilitate or challenge intergenerational equity. Directed to adult educators and trainers, the unit can also serve as an introspection into the adult educators’ own preconceptions.

With the completion of the module, the learner will have gained in-depth knowledge of the uses of intergenerational equity, he/she/they will be called to battle his/her/their own constructed misconceptions around ageism, the elderly, and youth, and will acknowledge the benefits and challenges of technology towards intergenerational equity.

The learning unit is equipped with both theoretical and practical parts. A self-assessment exercise in the form of a quiz is included in the final section of the unit.

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