Launching of the "Living Virtual Experiences (LIVE) exhibition”


In an increasingly interconnected world, the significance of preserving cultural identity and heritage has never been more important. This is precisely the mission of the “Living Virtual Experiences” (LIVE) exhibition. Drawing its content from real-life experiences and workshops conducted within the framework of PR2, this outcome seeks to empower communities and reinvent the concept of cultural heritage through a virtual exhibition approach. By emphasizing inclusivity, collaborative engagement, and intergenerational communication, users will be guided on an exploration of cultural heritage across France, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy.

This platform is not just another initiative; it’s a transformational endeavour that empowers communities, preserves cultural identity, and explores the concept of heritage. By leveraging the power of virtual exhibitions, the platform allows individuals to actively engage with their cultural roots, bridging generational gaps, and ensuring that no one is left behind. It’s an encounter between generations, united by the boundless potential of culture and empowered by the tools of a digital era.

What Does the Platform Offer?

Prepare yourself to be inspired! 

Uncover novel traditions and cultural facets through innovative activities that have evolved alongside our engagements, designed to encourage both young and elderly individuals to actively participate in their surrounding culture, while also facilitating mutual learning and bridging generational gaps. More than 70 individuals have contributed to present diverse cultural aspects of their respective regions and countries. This inspiring content can serve as a model to be adapted and replicated within your own community.

Are you ready to navigate and reimagine cultural heritage in a fresh and innovative manner? Are you prepared to embark on a journey of discovery?

Visit the exhibition   👉

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